About us
About Hsin-Chin
Hsin-Chin Machinery - specialized in the manufacturing of Plastic Extrusion & Lamination machines in Taiwan. Ever since established were devoted in providing high quality machinery, to satisfy client's specified requirements; we believes that customer's success, is the sure pushing force of our own growth. With constant breakthrough and/or launching new fabricating technique, we further assure the upgrading of our machine's steady quality production and, thereby, improves its competitiveness among the related industries.

Our machine's fundamental design possessing, equally important, corresponding theory and actual operation, with high quality equipment, not only effectively improves Its productivity, but also enable to produce high strength product(s) with minimal raw material(s) to cut down production cost. With such practical design, apart from the production cost down factor, it could also greatly reduce production wastes, to cope with today's environmental-friendly requirement.

In accordance with the concept of "Client First and Service First", enable Hsin-Chin Machinery to provide Extrusion/Lamination Equipments with Most Efficient, High Productivity, High Quality Product and Easy Maintenance capabilities; came with it also, is our prompt-reacting and thorough After-Service. Therefore, if you're looking for high-tech Extrusion/Lamination Device, Hsin-Chin is your best choice !
Main Product
Plastic PP/PE Extrusion & Laminating Machine

  • Single Extruder One Side Laminating Machine
  • With Sandwich or Without Sandwich Device
  • Two Extruder Twice Laminating Machine
  • Double Extruders Both Side Laminating Machine
Sheet Extruding Machines

  • PLA Sheet Extruding Machines
  • PET Sheet Extruding Machines
  • PP/HIPS Sheet Co-extruding Machines
Extrusion Substrate :PP、HDPE、PS、PVC、EVA
Laminating Substrate :PP Woven bag. PP woven tent. Non-woven fabric.PVC carpet, Craft paper, Aluminum foil, Various paper product for package . Laminating with PET,CPP, OPP etc films for various package use.
Laminating Width :800mm~6000mm